Numerous States Raised Minimum Wage on January 1, 2021

On January 1, 2021 employees who earn minimum wage in the following twenty (20) states will see a rise in in their hourly earnings.

Alaska – $10.34
Arizona – $12.15
Arkansas – $11.00
California – $14.00
Colorado – $12.32
Florida – $10.00
Illinois – $11.00
Maine -$12.15
Maryland – $11.75
Massachusetts – $13.50
Minnesota – $10.08
Missouri – $9.45
Montana – $8.75
New Jersey – $12.00
New Mexico – $10.50
New York – $12.50
Ohio – $8.80
South Dakota – $9.45
Vermont – $11.75
Washington – $13.69

Some states saw pressure to slow minimum wage increases during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Regardless, most cases maintained existing plans, many of which were subject to ballot initiatives or legislation from prior years. Other states will see increases in 2021, just not on January 1st. Read the full overview of state minimum wages released by the Congressional Research Service.

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