Mr. Fence Academy

What Is It?

The Mr. Fence Academy is a one-of-a-kind, proven business training system that helps fence companies operate more efficiently and more profitably, with less stress.

Who Is It For?

If you want to take your company to the next level, systematize your operations, increase profitability, and get a handle on every aspect of your operations – this program was made for you!

How Does It Work?

Individual and group training programs with the direct support of a team of fence geeks, mentors, and colleagues who have gone through many of the same challenges you are going through now.



Tyler Dickman – The Fence Co.

Our approach, known as “The Fence Company Way,” centers on quality and integrity. This means meticulously crafted fences that often surpass our customers’ expectations. We take pride in our work, ensuring that every project reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our leadership team, led by Tyler Dickman, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Simply Mac, and Roger Emmer, with his extensive background in technology and customer experience at Vivint, brings a diverse range of expertise to the fencing industry. Their experiences have ingrained a deep understanding of the importance of customer experience in everything we do. This philosophy starts with our team, as we believe in nurturing our employees, providing them with the training and resources necessary to excel. We are committed to creating an environment where our team can grow and take pride in their work.


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Zywave has a learning management system that offers various contractor-specific courses. With over 50+ courses, and the ability to upload custom courses, the Zywave learning Platform is a great asset. Contractors that wish to grant their employees and subs access to these courses can register for an account by filling out the form in the link below. 

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