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Common Exclusions

– Height Limitation Exclusion

– Open Structure Water Damage Exclusion

– Work on Religious Buildings (church, etc.)

– Subcontracted Work Exclusion

– Classification Limitation/Exclusion

– 100% Roofing Operation Exclusion

– Over Spray Exclusion

– Over 5,000 sq ft Residential Exclusion

– Over 20,000 sq ft Commercial Exclusion

– Tract Housing or Multi-Family Exclusion

– Bodily Injury to Subcontractor Exclusion

– Prior Work Exclusion, And Many More!

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Commercial vs Personal Auto Insurance


Great Lakes Roofing

by Edwin Yoder - Gladwin, Michigan

Gail Torres
Gail Torres
29 September 2023
Brandie, Gator, and Mark have been so helpful with getting insurance started for my company. Any questions I had they were there to answer. Highly recommend them
Fotu Fam
Fotu Fam
25 September 2023
they were very good in getting things back to me and professional
Wes Smedley
Wes Smedley
18 September 2023
Great service, provided just what I needed. Mark snd Cade were great!
Dillon Zeigenbein
Dillon Zeigenbein
5 September 2023
Mark, and Alisha helped me out significantly. Had some issues with my last insurer and they helped me navigate this challenge the entire time. They helped me understand the insurance language, and made sure I had the best policy for me and my company. My requests were very last minute and they treated it with the upmost urgency possible. I would leave a 10 star review if necessary.
Ron Pensari
Ron Pensari
10 August 2023
We recently opened our roofing contracting business and while Mark was giving us the DOPL class on business insurance, we felt like he really understands the contracting business and the proper insurance to carry! His Senior Account Manager, Alisha made the process go very smoothly, plus at a very competitive rate!
Finau Kolomalu
Finau Kolomalu
7 August 2023
I contacted Mark after hours and he got me connected with his son who helped me find a general liability insurance company that is very affordable
Jeremy Shelton
Jeremy Shelton
27 July 2023
Mark and Carri are rockstars. They came through and got me fantastic rates very quickly. They were accommodating and friendly and professional!
August Lamb
August Lamb
8 July 2023
Carri was able to do the impossible, getting the coverage we required for a new contract in less a day. Thank you, Summit!

Pete is an established roofer and long-time advocate. With years of experience, Pete knows the in’s and out’s of the roofing industry. On top of being a veteran roofer, Pete has protected his company by properly insuring his company. Pete is a client of Summit Insurance and because of this, knows that his policy does not have any harmful coverage exclusions. Here are his thoughts on working with Summit:

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In today’s ever-changing world, Summit Risk Management & Insurance is your trusted partner for navigating uncertainties and protecting your future. With our comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions, we provide peace of mind and security so you can focus on what truly matters. Looking to protect your roofing business from unforeseen risks? Summit Risk Management & Insurance offers tailored insurance solutions specifically for roofing contractors. Don’t fall victim to buying the wrong insurance – trust our team to safeguard your livelihood. Partner with us for expert risk management guidance and peace of mind as you journey towards success.

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