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Utah Contractor Steps for License & Resources

Step 1

The first step in obtaining your contractor’s license is attending a 25-hour pre-license class.

Step 2

If you are planning to get your General Contractor’s License, there is a 5-Hour Test Prep/ Business and Law Course.

Prior to submitting for your license, you will need to take the Contractor License Exam

Step 3

Setting Up a Legal Entity is the next key step in creating a business.

Step 4

Prior to submitting for your license, you will need proof of General Liability Insurance.

Step 5

For those who hire employees, coming up with a plan for payroll is crucial. 

Step 6

A Federal Employer ID is needed for tax purposes, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and setting up a business bank account. 

Step 7

Workers’ Compensation coverage is recommended for everyone but required by law for employees. 

If you don’t have employees, and you don’t want to cover yourself as an owner, you have the option to fill out a worker’s compensation waiver. 

Step 8

Setting up a bank account is an important part of keeping personal and business funds separate and avoiding a co-mingling of funds. 

Step 9

Some contractors are required to get an unemployment number. 

Step 10

Contractors need to complete a Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) application in order to obatin a contractor’s license.

Step 11

Some contractors with financial and criminal issues in the past need to get a bond. 

Once completed, email the pdf back to Mark at MHunter@SummitRMI.com

Step 12

If you subcontract out work, you will need to have your subcontractors sign a subcontracted work agreement prior to them starting work. 

Step 13

It is recommended that all vehicles, trailers, and equipment be title exclusively in your company’s name.