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Business Insurance

Every business is different, generic insurance products often come up short in providing the protection business owners expect. We provide comprehensive risk management solutions tailored to your companies needs.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ comp isn’t just a legal requirement, it provides important protection to both employees and the firm. For some companies, it can also be a major cost center. We help firms develop a workers’ comp strategy that controls costs while limiting risk.

Employee Benefits

In a tightening labor market, attractive employee benefit programs are more important then ever. However, what that means to your workforce can vary greatly. Allow us to help you design a program that works for your firm.

Risk Assessment

Insurance isn’t the only, or even always the best, solution to risk. Our comprehensive risk assessment helps identify the risks unique to your business so that you may better mitigate them.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance isn’t just about protecting against fire or theft, but also protecting your family’s future. Our experienced staff can also handle complex legal structures with multiple entity’s and trusts.

Human Resources

HR is an often overlooked but vital component of controlling overall organizational risk. We provide a range of resources from online self-service tools to comprehensive outsourced solutions.

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