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May 21, 2020


How to Avoid EEOC Disability Discrimination Allegations

The law requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodation to an employee or job applicant with a disability, unless doing so would cause significant difficulty or expense for the employer (“undue hardship”).  Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is an appropriate course of action for an employer.


June 1, 2020


COVID-19 Return to Work Considerations and PPP Forgiveness Rules

This webinar will address a variety of return to work issues that employers currently face, including various forms of paid leave, unemployment and workplace safety. We will also discuss the recently released rules on PPP forgiveness.


Jun 18, 2020


Understanding Employee vs Contractor Designations

Join us as we help you understand and correctly apply the rules for classifying a worker as an employee or an independent contractor. There are long-standing federal rules and now individual state actions designed to better protect workers. Misclassification can be an easy, but costly mistake.


Jul 16, 2020


HR Records Retention:  What to Save and How to Save it

Join us as we explore one of HR’s most daunting challenges: record-keeping. HR managers receive, generate, and accumulate substantial volumes of documents on an ongoing basis. Yet, many small to mid-sized organizations are not well versed on their record-keeping obligations. The need for proper record-keeping is vital to stay in compliance and in some cases defend against employee lawsuits. The implications for not remaining compliant are steep including monetary fines and legal penalties.


Aug 20, 2020


Benefit Continuation and Conversion

When an employee leaves or otherwise loses eligibility for benefits, employers are often obligated to offer continuation or conversion. Unfortunately, key notices and deadlines are often missed, creating tremendous risk for employers. Join us for this 1-hour webinar to learn how to remain compliant and reduce liability.


Sept 24, 2020


Managing Employee Leave, Ensuring Compliance and Promoting Workplace Efficiency

There are a lot of reasons for an employee to miss work. Some are protected by Federal or state laws, others are completely at the discretion of the employer. Learn the basics of leave compliance as well as how leave policies can promote workplace efficiency in our one-hour webinar.


Oct 15 ,2020


Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures for Employers

In theory, an at-will employee can be terminated for any reason at any time, but in the real world, employers need more options to deal with disciplinary problems. Progressive discipline programs can provide a range of flexible alternatives to manage disciplinary problems, but employers must carefully construct their policy to provide flexibility while also protecting the employer from liability. In this webinar we review the key elements that an effective progressive discipline policy should include to protect both the employer and employee.


Nov 19, 2020


Creating a Positive, Productive and Respectful Environment

Create a positive, productive, and respectful work culture. From cliques, to simple clusters of gossipers, to subtle or outright bullies and harassers. Many managers are unaware of how to change or turn around bad behavior, so over time it becomes the organization’s culture.


Dec 17, 2020


Performance Management & Compensation

With record low unemployment, employees feel increasingly emboldened to seek compensation increases. Employers, who wish to retain and reward essential employees may be willing to offer higher wages, but lack robust performance data to rationalize pay increases where appropriate or more importantly deny pay increases where they aren’t warranted. Furthermore, firms are under increasing pressure to provide wage transparency and ensure internal pay equity. This webinar will cover basic concepts of performance management as well as address important considerations when evaluating compensation programs.


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