As employers seek greater inclusion in the workplace, they have struggled with how to report non-binary gender on the EEO-1 form, which does not include such an option. TheU.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has recently answered, in an FAQ,  how they would like it reported. They state:

Filers may report employee counts and labor hours for non-binary gender employees by job category and pay band and racial group in the comment box on the Certification Page, please preface this data with the phrase “Additional Employee Data:”. For example, “Additional Employee Data: 1 non-binary gender employee working 2,040 hours in Job Category 4, Salary Pay Band 5, Race/ethnicity non-Hispanic White. 3 non-binary gender employees; combined work hours 5,775; in Job Category 5, Salary Pay Band 8; Race/ethnicity: Employee 1 – Non-Hispanic Black, Employee 2 – Hispanic, Employee 3 – Two or more races”.

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