Salons and Spas

Is your business protected?

Business owners often purchase insurance because of a requirement from a landlord or to protect property, but your greatest exposure may be from litigation. Whether it’s a slip and fall or a bad treatment outcome, litigation from a customer or visitor can crush a small business. 

Personal care establishments are flourishing with an ever widening array of services, products and treatments. Traditional “cookie cutter” insurance programs no longer address the ever expanding risks that business owners face.

In addition to the basics, like general liability and property coverage, today’s Salon or Spa owner may also need professional liability coverage, workers’ compensation and business auto.

Summit can tailor an insurance program to your specific needs, we make sure that you understand what services are covered under your policy and that you don’t waste money purchasing coverage for services you don’t perform.

General Liability

General Liability insurance is the primary insurance coverage required in most states to legally conduct business. However, this seemingly simple and “standard” coverage can be quite complex.

For the Salon or Spa owner these policies will primarily protect against general accident or injury claims. They typically will not extend coverage for the services you perform. For example, hot wax accidentally spilling onto a customer may be covered under a general liability policy, but an infection that results from a wax removal treatment may not. 

Professional Liability

Your general liability policy may not protect you for claims related to the services or treatments you perform. Furthermore, even a standard professional liability policy may have exclusions or limitations. The right professional liability coverage can help protect your business in the event that a customer claims they were harmed by a treatment you or your staff administered. This coverage is especially important for any permanent or semi permanent procedures such as body sculpting, laser therapies or permanent makeup, just to name a few.

Workers’ Compensation

Business owners often exclude themselves when it comes to workers’ comp, which may or may not be a good idea. However, it’s never a good idea to neglect securing workers’ compensation coverage for your employees. Most states require that even the smallest companies purchase workers’ comp, but even when it’s not mandatory, it provides important protection, not just to the employee, but to the business owner as well, who could otherwise be directly liable for the medical expenses and lost wages of an injured employee.

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